i fractured my pinky whilst goalkeeping last monday. i got it checked on thursday and an xray was taken. my pinky was buddy taped to my ring finger and the nurse told me not to straighten it but to slowly try to bend it.

i went back saturday night and another nurse told me to keep it straight and not to bend it. im confused. i have an appointment on friday with a doctor at the hospital but i dont know what to do in the interim because i know its a race against time to treat it properly.

also how do i buddy tape it properly? i cant straighten or bend the finger without pain. i have already changed the tape 4 times and hurts everytime i do it. It hurts like mad anyway and im not too sure if thats it repairing itself or if im treating it wrong.

img of xray. please excuse the poor quality.
http://imageshack.com/a/img924/7/vGYXbu.jp g

many thanks in advance
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