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fractured fibula 17 weeks ago

Hi there, this is a bit of a long one but please bear with me I'm at my wits end.

I'm a 23yo female good health. Occasional glass of wine and the occasional cigarette (I didn't know how bad it was for broken bones).

17/18 weeks ago I broke my fibula on holiday in Croatia. I was put in a plaster cast and flew home. The cast was positioned very badly with my foot pointed inwards. It was not a bad break at all, lateral malleolus (sp?) I think with no displacement. It genuinely didn't even hurt when I did it. Just rolled my ankle on a step.

After returning to the UK, despite my cast being damaging for my foot, I couldnt get an NHS appointment for 2 weeks so decided to go private (this I believe is where my issues started). My doctor got me in a weight bearing cast in around a week. I was due to be a bridesmaid so he agreed to remove it after 5 weeks (perceiving no issue). The doctor was off sick on the day my cast came off so no xray was done. After 2 weeks with a bit of swelling and a slight limp I went back to see a different doctor. He did an xray and said it was still broken. He asked my to go back into non weight bearing plaster for 10 weeks. I was just about to start my grad job so refused. Since then I have worn a walking boot every day (no crutches because I walk fine without them). He ordered my to have a CT scan and said there has been no change to my CT scan done 6 weeks previously.

He has said my options are 8 weeks in non weight bearing plaster which may work but recccomends a bone graft from my hip.

Is this really necessary, should I just give it more time? Is it likely to heal from now on? Could I be suitable for one of those ultrasound thingys? The idea of missing 2/3 months off my new job makes me want to curl up and die. I can walk absolutely fine without my boot if wear an ankle support.

Please offer any help, I sank into such a deep depression when I was in plaster and I genuinely fear for my own mental health. Has anyone had similar experiences?

Btw it was agreed by all doctors that this was the most minor fracture. I will be eternally grateful for any help!!!
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replied October 14th, 2014
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Serrabella - Sorry about your leg! It’s certainly a frustrating injury! The fibula doesn’t carry any significant load (weight) of the bodybone, so this is in your favor. The Tibia on the other-hand is the bone responsible for the leg’s primary weight responsibilities. When I broke my leg severely, I had surgery on the tibia, but nothing was done to the fibula, and it was severely displaced. When I look at my X-Rays of the fibula from my last visit 14.5 months, it’s completely healed. It’ is a lot thicker than the rest of the bone, but you can’t even guess how much of a gap was there before hand.

I’ve known people that broke their fibula, and it took them close to a year to heal. Remember these bones don’t get the blood flow supply like the rest of the body, so it does takes a lot longer to heal. Honestly, with it not being displaced and being the fibula, I would wait, or get a second opinion!

I wish you the best of luck!

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