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fractured fibula on my ankle! How is it not almost healed?

Soo, quick history on dec 23th, 2013 I slipped on the ice down my moms hill n landed directly on my ankle (which was turned in).. I couldn't bare weight or walk so a few days later I went to the ER & they told me my injury looked *old* & that I was fine. No xrays or nothing. So I tried to go about my life n the pain never fully went away. After nearly 5 months of pain I decided to make an appt with an orthopedic n went on June 1st, 2014 he told me I had a right ankle fractured fibula closed, directly across my ankle put me an air boot which I've been in for the past 8 wks. Went to my appt this past Thursday n its only 50% healed.. Which I don't understand? How is it not almost healed? I'm still in a lot of pain. Also it never swelled up.. I just don't understand what he is waiting for.. Will I have to have surgery if it doesn't start to heal faster & I'm wonderimg if me walking on it for 5 months is the reason for the delay.. Could anyonegive me advice? Or have had a similar situation.
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replied July 25th, 2014
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Kendraleigh - Sorry for such a discouraging diagnosis. One thing nice is if you are going to break a bone, the fibula is one to break. The fibula is essentially a non-weight bearing bone. I had broken mine and it was extremely displaced. They concentrated on my tibia fractures, and not my fibula. while inserting the nail into the tibia, they went ahead and put the fibula back in place. It still was completely displaced looking. I literally freaked out how much of a gap there was.

My fibula has healed nicely; kinda funky looking, but it's straight and no one will ever know, unless they were to take an X-ray.

Now back to the healing time. It's about 3 months before you will really be able to notice much of anything, via an X-Ray. I remember when I saw mine, I was shocked at how little improvement there was. The orthopedic surgeon told me the fact that there was some callus (greying of the X-ray) was showing the bone was healing nicely. Remember, these are bones, and it does take time to heal. After 8 months my X-Rays looked great, but they were completely healed.

Honestly, I think after 5 months and being about 50% is great; especially since you weren't addressed of a fracture for sometime.

I do want to insert, if you smoke... quit, and take lots of vitamin D. The Vitamin D helped heal my bones quickly; considering how bad of shape they were in.

I wish you the best, and take care!

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