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Fractured Fibula after 4wks, splint it rests right on brake

I have recently fractured the fibula right above my ankle. I went to the hospital, they took xrays but nvr showed them to me an just tells me its broke an puts a temporary splint on it until I could go to a family dr. Well am waitin on my insurance to come thru an haven't been able to go back to the dr yet, I haven't been able to wear my splint it rests right where my bone is broke, or where I'm guessing its broke bcuz the pain is just unbearable when trying to go to sleep. So I have just been keeping it wrapped with ace bandages, elevated, iced an haven't put any weight on since happened, but have got tripped up with crutches an fell twice. I tried to put a little weight on it yesterday an my foot tingled real bad like I had glass in my foot. Is this normal, an could I have jarred the bone when I fell causing it to be out of line?? From my understanding, it was a clean break but wasn't out of line.
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replied April 7th, 2014
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h4l1enichole2313 - I guess depending on the severity of the break, and how it gets set? The fibula is a non-weight bearing bone, so the tibia is responsible for taking on all the weight needed for standing & running. However, if the fibula is in the ankle/joint area then it will certainly need to be addressed, simply because it could cause issues down the road.

What I would recommend is calling and getting a copy of your X-Rays, and Report from the hospital. If the fibula is not displaced, it really can heal nicely, but usually casts’ are what keep it in place, while it heals. I guess if it was a hairline fracture, then they might not worry about casting it?

I had a very displaced fibula, and they simply set it; which even being reset was still displaced. If you look at my X-Rays at 8 months, you can’t hardly even tell the bone was in such a bad shape. The bone isn’t perfectly smooth, but it’s amazing at how lined up, and healed it became.

Keeping it iced and elevated is your friend, and you probably will need to for some time. Even to this day; 10 months out, I have to elevate and ice at times because it swells and turns colors. So what you’re mentioning, especially since you just injured yourself sounds normal to me.

I wish you the best of luck, and certainly keep us posted!

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