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Fracture Femur Shaft non union

I had bike accident on Sept 7, 2017. I sustained a fractured femur shaft with butterfly fragments on my left leg. I had surgery on it after a week and had a titanium rod (10mm dia) placed and 4 screws total. 2 weeks after surgery I had a severe pain in my left butt and it lasted for 2 weeks reducing with the help of pain killer through syringe. I was non weight bearing for almost 2 months. No healing signs for 11 months. They called it a non union and took me into surgery on July 16, 2018. They pulled the titanium rod and replaced it with a 11 mm diameter reamed nail with 4 screws. They also did a bone graft with the marrow they got from drilling further into the upper part of my femur. I am now just over 3 weeks post operation. I am feeling extremely frustrated and scared that it will not heal again. Has anyone on here had any experience with bone grafts in the femur or non union fractures? If so, how long was it before you noticed any callus forming? I am so beyond over this injury and want my life back. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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