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Fourteen years old , fifteen year old boyfriend wants baby

i'm fourteen years old, my boyfriend is fifteen. he wants a baby, i however don't. i understand how hard work it will be, and that i'm really not old enough i have no idea about anything close to mothering. i'm only a kid myself! but we had sex, with no contrecpetion. stupid yes i know. i have been taking something i found and asked some one round the same age as me, and they have said yes they are the morning after pill. i'm unsure and panicking alot. please help me, i haven idea what to do, and the last thing i want is my mum and dad to find out, as i do not want a baby at such a young age,

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replied August 7th, 2010
Be true to yourself!
Wow, hun. You're right, you don't want a baby at such a young age. You sound like a mature person for your age, but be smart and use condoms. You need to finish growing up, not to mention finishing school and finding your place in the world. You have so much time ahead of you in which to grow and mature.

Your boyfriend might think he wants a baby, but he really has no idea what kind of commitment that would take. Most boys at that age are not ready to make a life-long commitment, even if they think they are. How would he support a family when he isn't even old enough to drive himself to work?

Don't let him pressure you into something like this. Because if you do, it'll be you stuck with the work, and a hard life. And he will be long gone, I promise you that.
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replied August 11th, 2010
Wow... When I was your age, the biggest problem we encountered was being pressured into SEX, not PARENTHOOD! There has to be something a little off-kilter for him to want this at such a young age. Usually men shy away from that sort of lifelong, intense commitment for years, even after they're old enough to support a family. Has he told you why? If his family life is unstable, maybe he feels like this would give him that stability and constant love. Or maybe he feels like this would bond you two forever. Regardless his argument, you have to stand firm. If you let people plan out your life for you, all it does is build resentment. Don't do it!
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