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foul smelling and occassional cloudy urine, but no UTI detected?

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Hi I am a 27 year old male. I had previous episodes of UTI last year and after several courses of antibiotics, I was cleared. However,just last month, I starting seeing signs of cloudy urine which occurs once every 3-4 days. I went back to the urologist for a urinalysis (the urine happened to be clear on that day) and a culture test. The urinalysis showed signs of white blood cell in my urine but the culture test had no bacteria growth. So the docter scheduled me for a follow up appointment 3 months later.

After just 1 month from the first appointment (which was just last week), i decided to go for another urine test since the symptom (occassional cloudy urine) persisted. and it showed signs of white blood cell but within the normal range (all these while, there has always been microscopic traces of blood in my urine but the doctor could find no good explanation for it.). But lately, I noticed another symptom: foul smelling urine, and i am pretty sure it's not related to my diet.

I have a couple of question which i hope you can help to answer. Does this show initial signs of infections? In the case of mild infection, it is possible for it to slip detection by urinalysis as my symptoms seems to come and go? I have been taking cranberry supplements but I learnt that cranberries can never completely eradicate an infection problem, should i continue taking them and will it affect the urine test results? What should I do now if the "infection" is not serious enough to warrant antibiotics treatment, yet is still enough to cause disturbing symptoms (foul smelling urine)
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replied August 22nd, 2012
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Great questions. First off urinary problems in males should always be fully investigated. If your still having trouble now your Doctor needs to bite the bullet and order up a CAT scan or more specifically a urogram to looks for possible kidney stones. What is your diet like? Sometimes a poor diet or not eating before these tests can make it LOOK LIKE trace blood in the urine when in fact there is none.
Sometimes, the bacteria can move into the wall of the bladder, making it very hard to grow it in a culture. Especially if you have been pushing fluids. What antibiotics where you given if any? Cipro?
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