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forgot to put on the patch, Does this count as my period?

I will try and keep this quick.
I was on birth control for a few years(the patch) went off due to personal reasons. anyway, this month i began using the patch again. I wore my first week patch all the way through, but on the day I was to put on my second week patch I had a docs appointment with my doctor who gave me a new bc to try(a pil). he told me to wait till i get a period of course to start taking it.
So in geting this new bc i forgot to put on the patch, and now I have bleeding that resembles my period. Is this my period and should i start taking my new birth control on the sunday after this bleding as per the instructions?
thank you for your time
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replied January 20th, 2012
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It is called withdrawal bleeding (the same as you always get with week 4 of the patch or the pill) and you can consider it to be your period for this purpose.

Remember to not have a partner ejaculate inside you the first 7 days to give the pill time to control your hormones first.

Takecare and remember to read the instructions and warnings for your pill.
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replied January 22nd, 2012
Thank you Kristigraham!
Todays the day I would need to start taking the pill so I"m glad to have this information.
We know to wait seven days but thank you for the warning Smile
thanks again!
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