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Forgot to put in NuvaRing


I took my Nuva Ring out about 10 hours ago and forgot to put it back in right after. If I put it in now, am I still protected from it, or do I need to get a new one? Should I dispose of the old one because it is no longer effective because it's been out for so long at room temperature? What are the proper procedures to take in order to still be protected? I won't have time to go to the pharmacy till tomorrow evening, so I will be Nuva-Ring free for about 27 hours. How will this impact my 3 week on-1 week on cycle?

Thank you.
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replied January 22nd, 2012
Neuva Ring Cycle Help
Okay, so I'm in a similar situation as you. I did a good hour of research and found out that if you were int he third week of your Ring Cycle, you need to throw the old ring away and immediately insert a new one. Today (or whenever you insert a new one) starts your NEW 3 week cycle. For the first week, try not to take out the ring, as it will lose its effectiveness.
Hopefully this helped! If it makes you feel better, I know how you feel because I forgot to put it back in after I look it out a good 5 hours ago..oops!

- K
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