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Forgot my pills and now im spotting

I was on my second week of pills and had forgotten Friday so i took my two pills Saturday and then i forgot again Sunday and took both pills Monday and now i'm spotting. I noticed the spotting after having unprotected sex. Will i still get my period like normal and will this spotting last for the week i have up until my period? Also do i have a risk of pregnancy.
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replied July 2nd, 2013
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You should not have become fertile, but you do have a slightly increased risk of pregnancy. The spotting is indicating that the hormone levels in your blood dropped to below the point where it controls your cycle. It is called withdrawal bleeding. After you messed up the timing once, you should consider yourself fertile if you do it a second time in the next 7 days.

As long as it stays with spotting, and not a heavier flow, you should get your normal withdrawal bleeding (your period while you are on the pill) as normal. If you do not,take a pregnancy test to make sure you did not get pregnant. You should not be pregnant unless you are very unlucky.
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