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Foreskin not retracting over head

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When I am erect, my foreskin does not retract over my penis head. If I try to take it back "manually" it is painful, and it will only go half way over the penis head, and then when let go, it immediately goes back up to the tip of my head.

When I am washing etc. behind the foreskin, it is also hard to retract it over the head, though is possible, unlike when I am erect.

Although I have always been like this, I am slightly concerned and it also makes using a condom difficult as when the foreskin is on the tip of my head, the condom tends to be "dragged up" and comes off.

Any help would be appreciated.

PS I am of average length/girth when erect if that makes any difference.

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replied September 14th, 2008
tiphat Depending on your age it may loosen as you get older.
You may need to have it check, I have known some guy's that needed to have some of the skin removed and even a full circumcision to fix it.
Good Luck.
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