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Foreskin long and loose

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I've masturbated like a demon since I was 9 or 10 (I'm 16 now) and I'm uncut. Just this year, I've been noticing how loose my foreskin is. It'll easily go back and forth over the head and has a good 4 inches of sliding distance (I'm 7 inches). The foreskin is thick and sort of floppy. I masturbate very hard, and sort of crush my veins in my dick and everything when doing it, so that might be why. I've never paid so much mind to it before but I feel the lack of friction would ruin sex and my foreskin would be... almost unmanageable for a girl.

I have thick veins up at the top of my foreskin and I'm afraid to get circumcised, but I think it might have to be done. Unless some forms of friction or maybe masturbation abstinence would help... or a retinoid? Or maybe a steroid cream?

I'm also a virgin. My foreskin right now is the #1 stressor in my life. Please help! Anyone!
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replied February 24th, 2010
Dude, relax your fine. Everyone is different. Im 18 and uncut as well, everyones foreskin is different (smaller or bigger). When you masturbate you can give it a little more "sliding room", but so what. Don't worry about sex, when it happens your foreskin will retract behind your head. It wont be a bother!
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