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Foreskin Difficulty :(

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Hey forum,
Ive just turnt 17 and ive had 2 partners in which ive had great sex with ;)hehe but theres just one extreme problem i have...well a may be stupid but ''i have a fear of pulling my foreskin down''Sad i mean ive had great sex but i need quite alot of lube :/ and from what i can remember ive not pulled it down myself...althou there was this time when i was having sex with my partner and i felt a strange feeling''down there'' i pulld out and because it was dark i couldnt see anything..and i fund the condom on the bed :O(yes we then discussed the ''the pill'' i then panicked and freaked out completely!!! lol............i just want some advice on getting over my fear or if there is a simple and quick way to ''calmly'' pull down my foreskin,as im scared of getting yeast infections ect........also i can clean the gland(pee hole) and a little bit around it but i cant pull it any further.........................thank u so much XDXD
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replied April 22nd, 2011
Community Volunteer
So you are saying you could pull the skin back
completely if you wanted to but your to scared to do so ???
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replied May 1st, 2011
its kinda stupid..but basiclly yeah :/ just need some sort of easier option of pulling down......ahhh feel stupid lolol :O i just freak out when i get clode to pulling it dwn
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replied May 1st, 2011
Community Volunteer
You really should have been pulling the skin back as a child.
You should also being pulling the skin back every time
you go to the toilet.
Doing this early in childhood helps the skin stretch
while growing up.

With your condom comment I think the reason its falling off
is because your not letting it roll fully back because
your scared, its just rolling one way which makes it slip off.
You do mention you have issues rolling the skin back for cleaning
and yes you may have hygiene problems if you have sex
and cant roll the skin back to clean properly.

Can I suggest you do some more searches on this forum
and the web about some stretching exercises for your
foreskin and you may also like to discuss with your
doctor who may suggest some steroid cream to help
the skin while you do the stretching exercises..

Good luck with everything.
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