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Fordyce Spots. Is it a sexually transmitted disease?

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I was giving my partner oral sex and I didn't notice that he had fordyce spots (which I found out by googling).
I asked what it was, he said he didn't know that he had been having those bumps way before he even began to have sex. I'm not sure whether I should believe him or not. I'm scared now and I don't what's to come out of it. Is it a sexually transmitted disease do I need to get myself checked now?
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replied March 12th, 2012
Hi, i have fordyce spots on my foreskin and I can assure you it isn't a STI. I did some research for you and I found the falling:

The spots are a form of ectopic sebaceous gland: normally, sebaceous glands are only found in association with a hair follicle. They are not known to be associated with any disease or illness and are of cosmetic concern only. They aren't infectious and are a natural occurrence on the body. Men sometimes consult with a dermatologist because they are worried they may have a sexually transmitted disease (especially genital warts) or some form of cancer, but this is not the case.
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