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I have been suffering with Gout from the beginning of May of 2012. The only thing that worked for me to relieve the pain of a gout attack was the prescription of Prednisone. Nothing else worked. My doctor suggested that I be placed on Allopurinol. I decided against it and began to review other alternatives.

After reviewing many articles on Gout, I decided to focus on three main recommendations that I put to the test. 1) Vitamin C 500mg 2) bottled water whose ph level is above 7 and 3) Red Tart Cherry Juice (concentrated). These remedies seemed to work for many people while a few have stated otherwise. For me all three do work well when you partake of them together on a daily basis, but the one that works well for me on its own is the Red Tart Cherry Juice. Every day I drink 4 ounces of the concentrated cherry juice during or after a meal. I don’t drink it on an empty stomach because I will get heartburn. Or, if in season, I eat 20 - 25 cherries a day. Drinking water is also very important. By doing this I have not had an attack for three months.
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replied December 7th, 2012
You may also want to incorporate methylb12 to support the liver function in excreting the uric acid as well. I drink juicy juice cherry juice no sugar added 100% juice each day and have a similar experience where it did not flare up as often. But when I incorporated the methylb12 I have noticed that it flares up very minimal or I should say I feel a funny tingle or slight swelling but nothing dramatic by no means. I have not had a bad flare up in years vs just the cherries maybe once or twice a year. Now I do not get that. Smile So give it a whirl and I bet you will experience the same constant relief.

Great post for all those who are unaware that this is the best tactic for treating gout. Smile
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