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for no visible reason, all I want is to be left alone

I have a job. Good one, 2 actually. I have a great person next to me. I am healthy. But all I think about every day is that I DONT CARE. I have goals, great ones, everything is planned in my head, everything I should be doing. And I do nothing to achieve these goals. I sabotage my relationship (thank u god for guy's patience, he always tries to cheer me up and get me out of this state, it works but then i go back in it),.
I graduated school a year ago. (A/A+ student), I am supposed to work on my art portfolio and I have barely done anything about it for over a year. I used to work out a lot, that was bringing me a lot of positive energy. I barely do now. Well, I also moved to different coast a month ago, it is a great city her, nothing to complain.
But I have so little energy to do anything. Bad mood for no reason. Snap on loved ones for no reason. I take everything personally, get hurt by harmless words. I feel that all I want is to be left alone and not see, hear or breathe.
I dont know what is wrong with me. There are no visible reasons to be depressed. Just feel extremely vulnerable and fragile. And have no motivation or desire for life.
Any thoughts are appreciated..
Thank you for your time.
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replied January 24th, 2019
LEft alone
Ditto on that. What has worked for me is low dose of SSRI's and medicines in the Risperdal group.
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replied January 31st, 2019
Yea it has happened to me too. Truth is, really need to change your perception about life in general. You need to see life in a different angle. I'd highly recommend you read 5 Seconds rule.

That book is phenomenal.
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