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For Mens Health Problems..TWO words Readmore

Hi there..

I Feel it is morally right to share the knowledge..that for men with health problems down there due to drinking ..smoking ....blah blahh blah..please try these two magical herbs.. they are well known in indian ayurvedic medicine...
Ashwagandha root powder - organic preferably
Himalayan Shilajit..

Take ashwaganda a tea spoon at time with milk..then have 1 tea spoon shilajit with hot coco..

coco has essential oils.. ashwagandha is a reproduction strengthening nervine stimulant...for stress its magicall..for mental agility and physical endurance...try for 7 days.. and if you do not notice profound changes ,. i will definitely shave my head and post it.. just reply to this forum page...
your kindly
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replied October 21st, 2012
HI, i have ashwagandha from Swanson and it comes in 450 mg capsules. On the back it says "Ashwagandha Root (Withania somnifera)" but it does not have a percentage of withanolides. I have read online in many forums about people's testimonials based on what brand they have taken along with the percentage of withanolides. My bottle says to take two piils one or two times per day. I have read that one should take between 500-1000 mg a day. Two pills twice a day would nearly double that. Please help. How much should i take?
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