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Foods that help decrease vaginal dryness

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I'm only 17, but for about 1 1/2 years I was on antidepressants. Oh course that dried me out no matter how turned on I was about half the time. Now I am on birth control. I had sex again for the first time after starting today and with my body new to the increased hormones, I was INCREDIBLY turned on. But of course, it wasn't til halfway through the sex I finally got wet. So now I've been looking up for ways to fix that. I would get lube, but we already make a mess without it. And I know that some foods help with it, but I haven't found any answer as to what food. So what's some food that would help with this? It would be easier if most grocery stores sold it. Or is there a supplement I can take? I heard Omega 7 works. But is it easy to find in stores?
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replied June 12th, 2011
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Arousal fluid does not depend on your diet. That is why you cannot find the information you are looking for. Arousal fluid is plasma squeezed from the cells in your vaginal lining when the vaginal walls fill with blood. It is almost instantanious. That is why most women will realize they are aroused when they get wet. Whatever other fluid you experience halfway through intercourse is not arousal fluid.

If you want to improve sex, get personal lubricant. Preferably a water based personal lubricant that can be reinvigorated with a few drops of water or saliva.

If you are worried about a mess, put an old towel under your behind. If I had to make that choice, I know what I would choose: Using a personal lubricant and making a mess, rather than be dry and uncomfortable and making a mess.
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