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So two days ago I went to Applebees (I have no one to blame but myself) and I believe I got food poisoning. About 5 hours after eating I felt sick and I ended up spending the whole night vomiting. The next day (yesterday) I had the worst diarrhea I have ever had. I was on the toilet for almost every hour for three straight hours. I also had a fever around 100F.

My fever seems to have left but my concern is throughout all of this I've had NO appetite. I barely managed a small bowl of cereal and an even smaller bowl of chicken noodle soup yesterday. At 3AM I tried to eat more cereal but it made me throw up minutes after eating it. Waking up today I can hear my stomach screaming at me for food but I literally have not an ounce of an appetite.

Is such severe appetite loss common in food poisoning cases and what do you suggest I do? Just make myself eat?
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replied January 2nd, 2014
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It might not have been food poisoning but the winter vomiting bug norovirus.
If it was food poisoning your local public health department would like you to tell them about it so make a note of where you went and when and what you ate there and what you did there including visiting the lavatory, etc. and then send them a letter that also includes your exact symptoms, duration and so forth.

It is normal to have little or no appetite after a body has been attacked by an undesirable bacteria or virus that causes severe gastric disturbance. In most cases it would be foolish to eat too soon so please be guided by what your body is telling you. It usually knows what is best for it.

A person can live for weeks without food in most cases but they must have adequate fluids to remain hydrated in the face of severe fluid loss as the body tries to flush away the unwelcome visitors.
There are a number of preparations widely available to add to water to replace vital salts and electrolytes lost during such sickness and it would be wise to use them to remain healthy until normal appetite is restored.

If nothing is available where you are a couple of spoons of sugar and a half spoon of salt in a tumbler of water will serve. Some people find flat none-diet cola is quite palatable at such times and serves the purpose.

Your body will let you know when it is time to begin eating again but avoiding milk and dairy products and starchy foods is a good idea. Traditionally beef tea, stocks and clear soups is the best way to begin taking solids again along with a little dry biscuit or bread crust perhaps.
Ginger or peppermint will help settle your digestion but don't overdo things; little and often is the way...

If your symptoms persist unabated for a week it is a case that should have a medical opinion but usually such symptoms subside within a few days and the appetite returns after a week and you should be feeling your old self within two weeks or thereabouts.

Good luck!
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