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fluttering in my right ear

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Fluttering in right ear.
Hello. I'm a 31 year old male in otherwise good shape. Since the fall, i've been experiencing a random fluttering sensation in my right ear. Some days are worse than others. It may bother me for a whole day or it may subside for 2-3 days before recurring. I went and saw an ENT doctor and was prescribed a nasal steroid, which cleared it up for a month, but then it started randomly again. I again went back to the same ENT and he gave me a refill of the same nasal steroid, but it hasn't changed the condition this time. Some background: i grind my teeth at night, which the ENT was noncommittal that it would be causing it directly. I have scheduled with my dentist to get a mouthguard made, but in the meantime i'm desperately looking for relief as this fluttering is a major distraction to me at work and mentally just gets me down. Please help, thanks.
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replied March 31st, 2012
Hello, i am sorry i can not really help, but i am a 31 year old female with the exact same symptoms.. though i have not yet seen the ent.. i will today try something i can get over the counter as it is just terrible! I hope you have had relief, as it truly can be distracting i know!
Good Luck! Smile
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