I have been having problems with my face, especially my cheeks, flushing in the late afternoon and early evening for about a year. It started after a period of prolonged stress, with my cheeks and sometimes my nose, ears, and the rest of my face becoming quite red throughout the day, culminating in feelings of heat and strong flushing later in the day (usually between 5 and 7 pm).

I was also experiencing other symptoms like constant thirst and the feeling of little bugs crawling on my face and sometimes the rest of my body.

I reduced my stress levels, but the problem didn't go away. I have been going to acupuncture twice weekly for about two months, and I've also been taking herbs, and while this has been helpful, I'm still definitely having problems with flushing.

The problem is much worse on days when I'm at school (I'm in high school). On weekends, the flushing is much less in the late afternoon, but sometimes it is pretty strong if I've spent the day at a place like the library or the mall. (Maybe due to the lights/yang energy, etc?)

My acupuncturist said that my flushing might be due to (kidney) yin deficiency, liver yang rising, or blood deficiency. I have been trying out different herbs-- da bu yin wan (didn't really have an effect), ming mu di huang wan (worked better), zhi bai di huang wan (worked best so far), and Golden Flower Nourish Essence (worked best but I haven't been taking it since it's expensive). Do my symptoms sound like these herbs would be best for it? What else might I try? I want to get rid of my imbalance symtoms, not just lessen them.

What are other things I could do for my condition? What kind of diet should I have? I probably eat too much sugar right now, but what specifically should I add/avoid? I have noticed that computers and electronics worsen my flushing; is this due to them hurting yin energy? Also, why might my condition be worse at school?

I have also been thinking about trying qigong. Would this help?

I'm really just looking for herbs/other suggestions for how to cure my condition (also, how long do you think it will take to get rid of the symptoms? They are really starting to wear down on me...).

Thank you so much for your help!
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replied March 28th, 2012
Hi...I have the same exact symptoms! I have been to the doctor and the said it was stress related. The dermatoligist said it was not rosacea but chlonergic urticaria and dermographism. All blood tests have come back negative. I am super sensitive to heat and I will flush at the drop of a hat. I tried accupuncture but that did not work. Did you find any answers?
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replied November 7th, 2013
Actually, I have noticed it happening not only to myself but to other family members and friends who have reached middle age. I can't imagine that all of us have urticaria. Any other ideas out there?
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