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fluid coming out from vagina with a sharp smell

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i had sex with my girlfriend,her on top, and suddenly a fluid came out of her vagina flooding with a sharp urine smell.i thought she peed on me but she said it is not urine that's when i started to be worried,what could this be and should i be worried?
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replied November 2nd, 2011
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If it smelled like urine, it was most likely urine. She did not neccisarily pee. You might have given her so much pleasure that she lost control of the spinchter muscles that close her bladder off. Unlike you, her bladder does not close off during arousal. When she has a powerful orgasm, all the muscles in her pelvic floor will contract rhythmically causing her to lose control of it. Trying to stimulate her g spot can also cause her to lose control of her spinchter muscles. When she is on top, it will be natural for her to move in such a way as to maximize the pressure on her g spot.

It can also be female gushing, but normally the fluid does not smell like urine.
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