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Fluctuating levels

Hello all. I have been diagnosed with Hypo several years ago, however was able to control with a healthy lifestyle of foods and exercise. Unfortunately the last 4 months have been very stressful due to collage obligations and I have not been able to exercise at all, plus I have been very inactive b/c I am stuck on my computer doing school work for an average of 8 hours a day. Because of all this, I haven't been eating as healthy as before either b/c I simply do not have time to cook. Fast food has become a staple...and I've gained over 10 pounds b/c of it. I know I have slacked off and understand why it finally came back to bite me. Yesterday I all of a sudden felt so bad, shaky,nervous, panicky feeling, blurred vision, couldn't concentrate or think straight...the typical symptoms. I drank a glass of orange juice and boy that just sent me over the edge! I felt 10X worse! I took my BS measurement and it was 84. Not bad right? Well, I ate and relaxed to get myself to feel better, and of course as always 15ish minutes later I felt better. Not totally myself, but MUCH better. I sat down and thought to myself what have I done differently in my diet - the answer - less protein. The 3 days prior I had not had any meat, but I did make sure I had nuts & beans. Obviously it wasn't enough. I also had a couple glasses of wine with some friends the night before, so obviously that was a mean combination on top of no exercise. So today I have been keeping track of what I eat and my BS levels. I have never paid close attention as I am today and have a question of if these jumping levels are ok?

So far today my log:

Woke up 9:30 Blood Sugar: 96
ate cereal (chex) & took BS again: 107
Hour later BS: 160

Took BS at 11:30 before eating lunch: 96
after eating lunch (ham, cheese, strawberries): 97
Hour later BS: 76

I'm wondering if a measurement of 160 and hour after breakfast, then a measurement of only 76 an hour after lunch is ok? Was my morning measurement of 160 b/c of the cereal I ate? (chex mix).

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