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About 12 days ago I started feeling a bit unwell after the weekend. I'm thinking I may have the flu. Today I have a white coated tongue and had some yellow stools the last 2 days. Concerned because I am not sure if this is the flu, cold or something else.

My symptoms starting 12 days ago:

First few days - Loose bowels, loss of appetite
Day 4, 5 - Slight discomfort of inguinal area.. I felt a dull ache in inner thigh area on both sides of my groin
Day 8 - Inguinal / inner thigh dull ache increased and felt like a sore muscle almost. I could feel one lymph node on my inner left thigh, tender to touch, but did not appear swollen.
One lymph node on the left side of my neck became firm and slightly swollen (bean sized). Underneath my right chin was sore (I think these are lymph nodes but they weren't swollen, just a general soreness)
I developed a fever that peaked at 99.9 degrees and lasted 2 days. My palms and feet were sweaty and I had the chills (felt cold, them warmed up).
White Pasty Coated Tongue - A white coated tongue developed and has remained for a week.
Day 10 - Fever subsided, came down to normal temperature.
Day 11 - One case of green diarrhea. Ache in groin is gone.
Day 12, 13 - Yellow stools

The fever only lasted a few days, but I still sometimes feel chilly, and have white coated tongue and yellow stools.

Does this sound like a flu virus?
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