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Flovent side effects... I am little scared of using steroids

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Hello. I just googled asthma forums and it lead me here, hoping someone could help me...
I have been a long time sufferer of allergies(sinus all year around, allergic to pets, house dust,
molds, pollens...etc,.) and also I have asthma.
About two weeks ago, my asthma got really out of control...had to use albuterol almost every day for a week and
then I realized I needed to go see a doctor... He prescribed me some zyrtec and flovent(110mcg).
I will be honest, I am little scared of using steroids of any shape or with flovent I know the instruction is
to use two puffs twice a day but I am doing only 1 puff twice a day...(for about a week now) I am not sure if this is
why I am having the problem that I am going to post here...
I have this coughing spell that is getting worse...especially during the night. It starts sort of tingling/dry/almost
itching throat and then non stop cough for about 10 min or so and then it seems to go away for the night. I have had this happened for three nights so far...(the first night that happened, it was so intense that I thought I was going to throw up.)
The coughing during the day is more or less that I am having to cope with it for three comes and
goes and nothing like the ones at night.
The thing is that this cough is not one of those asthma kind...(no wheezing, as far as I can tell.) and the sound of my
cough sort of resonates since it is deep/thick. I can not describe it fully...but hopefully I can get the point across...
Is this the side effect of the flovent?? Should I ask for different meds maybe?? Or do I need to give it a chance....??
Before I go running into the doctor's office, I wanted to see if there is anything I should be doing with the meds I was
prescribed...without the fear of using the steroids stuff maybe...I am hoping someone can clarify few things for me...
Thank you for your help. (let me know if I need to add more info or anything...)
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