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fleshy line of skin on underside of penis

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recently i noticed after masturbating that i now have a line going across on the underside of my penis that is now like a fleshy bit of skin that sticks out. it wasnt there before because now as i glide my finger across i can feel that line of skin. whereas before it was always smooth like the rest of that area.

i dont notice it showing up when fully erect. only when flacid.

i had gone to a urologist about 2 months ago for checking out other skin changes that seemed irregular to me. and he said it was all normal. that i did have a dark discoloration and what i thought were warts were just 'skin tags'. so from that day forward i figured i had nothing to worry about.
but now this new slight rise in skin is making me worried just based on appearance. doesnt hurt, doesnt itch, isnt red. does feel slightly rough in texture but still fleshy.

is it from the friction of masturbating? i do use plenty of KY lube each time.
is it caused from the kind of body wash (Old Spice) i use?
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