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flat feet- unable to keep my balance when juggling

Dear Doc..

In my spare time I was a keen Juggler.. About 2 months ago I developed flat feet.. I believe this was due to some weight gain.. The bigger problem is now I am unable to keep my balance when juggling and my juggling sociatity has asked me to leave... please help I love juggling...

Thank you...
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replied July 4th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

You do not say how old you are, but acquired flat foot is usually a disorder of middle aged persons and older. Acquired flat foot is usually due to problems with the tibialis posterior tendon. This tendon comes done the medial side (inside) of the ankle, under the medial malleolus (inside ankle bone) and under the arch. It is the main dynamic support of the longitudinal arch.

Sometimes, patients can also have problems with the spring ligament, which goes from the center of the bottom of the calcaneous (heel bone), to the base of the toes. Loss of the elasticity in this ligament can also cause flat feet.

Unfortunately, if you actually have acquired flat foot, the surgical treatment for that is to fuse certain parts of the foot, which would probably make your feet less supple. So, you probably want to make sure of what is going on first.

It may just be that with your weight gain, it has thrown off the fine tuning and motor skills you need for juggling.

You could try some longitudinal arch supports to see if that helps.

But, if you feel it is absolutely your feet that is the problem, then you should probably see an orthopedic foot and ankle specialist for a thorough evaluation.

Good luck. Hope you get back to your favorite activity.
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