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Fishy Vaginal Odor?

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Before I moved to South Carolina I never had this problem. Lately I have had a very horrible fishy odor coming from my vaginal area. I wash all the time, I stopped douching, but nothing has helped. I use feminine wipes, I shave down there but still nothing helps. I keep getting a foal odor. I do not have any bacterial infections or anything like that, and my diet has not changed since I moved. I do not eat fish, I do not eat tuna, nothing to describe this foal odor. I have tried everything possible and I am really getting worried. It is a very UNPLEASANT smell when having sex. I am a very clean person so I dont know what else to do. I wear cotton panties like any other forums have said, but yet I still have an odor, is there something I can take to possibly get rid of this odor? I would appreciate any and all comments!! THANK YOU!

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replied September 11th, 2012
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A fishy smell is the primary symptom of a bacterial infection like BV. It's got nothing to do with your cleanliness. Every time you have sex with a new partner, your risk increases. Scientists does not yet understand why, but statistics show that after your 4th partner, you have a much higher risk of getting BV. Your partner's fluids will feed the bad bacteria, and that is why it is particularly bad during sex. It can also become bad around your period.

Please see your doctor and get treated. If left untreated, it can cause other problems. Having BV is nothing to be ashamed of. It is one of the most common infections in women. Many women only find out they have it once they are pregnant and the doctor tests them for it. BV that is left untreated can cause PID and problems with carrying a baby to term.
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