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First time sex without condom

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ok so i was on my period the first two times.. for the first time i didn't notice till the morning when i looked but my tampon was clean no blood at all..cause we had sex at night and idk i just looked in the morning when i woke up..but when i went to the bathroom my tampon was bloody..(my cherry or whatever{i forget whats its called at this moment} so the blood wasn't from that cause i know its suppose to hurt the first time you have sex and your suppose to bleed) but he said there was no blood and the mattress was clean to.. but we had sex the next night and my tampon was dirty..and there was blood on the bed.. and the night my period finished we had sex...

i thought he was useing a condom cause weve been dateing for six months and since before we even dated just when i met him he always had a condom in his pants.. but we were out camping and everytime it was at night and i cant see anything at all.. when its that dark.. and i dont know how it's suppose to feel so i thought he was useing a condom..

but when we got home he told me that he didnt have condoms up there and that we didnt use any protection at all..

so i went into major freak out mode and i freaked on him and then went and bought condoms..gave them to him and told him its going to be along time before we have sex again..

but it just seems to keep poping up into my head and im scared really scared..

me please
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replied August 27th, 2009
Especially eHealthy
The hymen (your 'cherry') does not have to tear or bleed when you have sex the first time. As you go through puberty it becomes very flexible and are less likely to be painful or bleed. For some girls this happens when puberty start, for others only a few years later. You are using tampons so it seems like your hymen is already very flexible.

When you are this young, your cycles and ovulation is also very irregular and it is difficult to know if you were fertile when you had sex. The good news is that I think you are saying that it happened during the first two days of your period?

If it was during your period, you are not very likely to be fertile. It is however not a guarantee that you can't become pregnant. If you ovulate a few days after the sex, you can become pregnant and at your age anything is possible.

If it was not during your period, you should not be using tampons. Tampons are really bad for your vaginal health if you use them while you are not flowing on your period!

It is your responsibility to make sure you are protected. If you get pregnant, you end up with the baby. He does not have to worry about it as it mess up your life. The fact that he was carrying condoms around even before he met you also shows that he might have been sexually active and might be infected with an STD. Having sex without a condom is a really stupid thing to do!!

Unfortunately you will just have to wait and see. You can take a pregnancy test a week after you miss your next period (or 25 days after the sex if your period is not regular). Make sure you follow the instructions exactly!!
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