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First time sex pain ?

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I'm 22 going on 23 and I'm a virgin. Me and my boyfriend do a lot of other things other than sex and we always stop if were going too far or getting to into it. We both want to wait. I'm not sure how long, I guess until we both know it's the right time, but i'm afraid that it will hurt more because i've waited so long. I've read things where women said they experienced very little to quite a bit of pain. Any Thoughts? I'm being serious and i know this seems like an immature question, so far 23 people have viewed this and no replies, please
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replied February 9th, 2010
First time
It doesn't matter how long you wait. Everyone woman experiences a different amount of pain their first time having intercourse. The amount of pain you may feel is based on many factors including if your hymen is still intact, and these days American women break it fairly young with tampons or vigorous activity.Learning how to touch and fully arouse each other before attempting vaginal penetration is a key step for minimizing any discomfort or pain and maximizing pleasure. I broke my hymen without even knowing it when I was younger and when my bf and I lost our virginity together at 16, it didn't hurt at all. try these tips to minimize pain and maximize pleasure.
-Focus on touching, kissing, and caressing each other in ways that heighten arousal before penetration.
-Try to relax and take it slowly.
-Talk with each other about what feels good and how you both like to be touched.
-Create a pleasure chest that includes water-based lube, condoms (if you aren't using birth control and don't want to get pregnant at this time), books about sex, and other products for sex play, such as massage lotion or oil, lingerie, an erotic movie or book, and/or a vibrator.
-To help ease penetration, add a dab of water-based lube on the opening of the vagina and to the inside of the condom (if he is wearing one) before it is unrolled, and also to the outside of the penis or the condom. Reapply as often as necessary to ease any discomfort and increase pleasure.
-Experiment with various positions.
I hope you find this helpful. Just remember to relax and have fun. Smile
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