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first time being pregnant, I'm 16 wks and have low pains

Okay , this is my first time being pregnant and I'm 16 weeks and my belly tends to bloat and get hard sometimes then go away . And I'm not really showing &' I have low pains in the right side of my pelvic but it last for like 20 sec followed by dizzy Ness but no bleeding or anything else. what does this mean is my baby still okay ?
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replied May 11th, 2016
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Congratulations Miss Pamela. Bloating is to be expected as your gut is not functioning in the usual way. Dizziness is because blood is needed by the baby and your brain gets shorted - eat and drink well. Brief pains should not be a problem. At 20 weeks your uterus should reach the level of your belly button. Are you having monthly doctor visits? There is a second trimester forum that you might enjoy.
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