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first time abortion

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im due to have an abortion wednesday (day after my birthday Sad )
its my first one and im so scared and confused
im really scared to do the surgical one cause im scared it will be really painful
at the place where i am doing it, they dont put you to sleep, but they give you stuff that makes you drowsy and out of it
im so scared it will hurt

they also do the medical one
but it says its limited
but i really want to do that one
i dont know if i should ask or if they will ask me
im only 6-7 weeks
i would really apriciate personal stories for both

help please
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replied December 6th, 2009
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Hey Korbi
Surgical abortion isn't very intrusive, not substantially more uncomfortable than a pharmacological one. Really it feels physically crappy either way you go. My surgical abortion wasn't terribly painful. It was very uncomfortable, but more exhausting and depressing than any real pain. You're not put out because they need you to be aware for your own health and safety. Safety is also a considderation in the decision between surgical and drug abortion, definately follow their reccomendation.
The abortion is the least debilitating medical procedure I've had done short of a blood draw. I was in and out without having to put more coins in the parking meter and I went home and felt like I shouldn't have even taken the day off from work. But do go easy on yourself, no matter how comfortable you are with the decision the fallout from the experience can catch you by surprise. Make sure you take the time you need to process things, make sure people who love and support you are available if you need them. Accept that this was your decision and that you didn't make it lightly and that it doesn't matter at all what others think of it. As they weren't facing your consequences, they have no right to made judgements.
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replied December 10th, 2009
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You should aSK for the diff methods because they might not supply them to you, they did not me. I had the surgical one and think the most bother of it all was the noise. Afterwards you feel cramps and light bleeding. Dont be scared. It feels scary but see if they can put you out completly
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