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First Seizure Female Age 23

Okay, I understand that one seizure is not necessarily a symptom of epilepsy. But two nights ago I had what is believed to be a Grand Mal seizure. I was standing and fell completely forward, busted my chin wide open which exposed bone (4 internal stitches and 7 external), I bit a chunk of my tongue off, and chipped my back two molars. Anything I could describe regarding the event would be from my witness, my husband. I was unconcious for 4 minutes at the very least (he was on the phone with 911).

I have no insurance and do not see any way to access the funds for an EEG. The ER ran bloodwork (all of which I have copies), drug test, and CT scan. I was told to see my general practice DR or return to the ER in case of another seizure or ANY concern. Meanwhile he prescribed Ativan and told me not to do anything but rest.

I have someone distant in my family who suffers from epilepsy-- does anyone know how far genetics go back for this disease?
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replied November 18th, 2010
Careful of the Ativan. At the prescribed doses I was very dizzy. It felt like pleasant intoxication but was just too dangerous for my job.

Originally they prescribed that because of suspecions of just depression. Then moved onto the nightmare that is Paxil. What a horrible medication. Then on to Tegretol, then Dilantin, and now finally on Lamictal. the Lamictal is working fine. I'm fine tuning the dosage as low as I can go without causing symptoms. I found that hyper-hydrating thins out the meds which introduce the symptoms again. More fine tuning to go.

After I returned my extra unused Ativans for disposal I found out there is a black market for them for 5$ a pill. I can believe it because of the intoxication you feel. Medication abuse with these drugs is just too dangerous to tolerate.

Monitor your condition and don't be afraid to ask to slowly introduce something else for better results.
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replied November 27th, 2010
Are you going through severe stress? There are some reason one is family relation or stresss .If you fall down and hurt your head.
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