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First love is confusing

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I'm a girl, currently 17 and I've nvr had a gf/bf before. I met this girl (she is a lesbian, 4 yrs older than me) online last year and after a few months I realize I love her. I've never loved anyone like I love her. We dated for about 5 months. She decided to break up, as she thought she doesn't treat me well and that she's afraid she'd get bored of me. She also said she didn't love me as much as she did before, so we break it up.

She still wanted me to be friends with her after we break up, so I went along with it, partly because I know she'll be really sad if I refuse and partly because I want to be around her, even if it's just as friends. We've been friends ever since, until now. What confuses me is that even after we break up, she occasionally tells me she loves me (she's the flirty type,she tells every friend of hers that). And lately (since last month) she's really snugly, she tells me she loves me every time we meet (at least once per meeting) and she act like how we were when we were dating, calling me sweetie and those kinds of names. I still love her very much, altho I've never said it to her first ever since our break up. The way she is now is confusing me.

What does she want? Is she just messing with me? Or am I just over-thinking things?
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