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First Gout attack in big toe

I'm twenty years old and I just recently was diagnosed with Gout. I have had a gout attack for almost four weeks now it is in my left big toe. I have consulted my doctor and received anti-inflammatory medicine for my gout (when it first flared up). I'm very concerned after a week and a half it got a lot better and I could walk and go back to a somewhat normal routine. Eventually I started exercising unaware that the attack was not completely gone. And It started to become swollen again and become painful also. It's been almost two weeks since I probably re-aggravated my big toe, I'm assuming that is why the gout is still lingering. It seems to feel better one day than the next it will be painful and swollen. I have tried almost everything recommenced for the gout, cherries, ice, rest, ibuprofen, anti-inflammatory meds (which I have stopped taking and substituted with Ibuprofen), soaking foot in Epsom salts, and changing my diet as recommended. It's still lingering I have become very frustrated, I am a very active person so this is very aggravating as you can imagine. I was wondering if there is anything I can do? I'm considering making a return visit to my physician. Is there any medications I can take to lower the uric acid levels. I'm very concerned because what I have read about gout can lead to kidney stones and possible joint damage, and not to mention future attacks.
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replied September 1st, 2009
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You are right to be concerned about letting your gout continue, not only for the possibility of kidney stones and joint damage, but also because doctors have begun to realize that there is a high association between gout and cardiovascular disease and diabetes. What they haven't yet realized is that all these diseases are consequences of sleep apnea. Gout is an immediate result, and the other diseases develop when sleep apnea is left untreated for a long time. The reason that it usually is left untreated is that doctors haven't pursued its diagnosis. Patients with gout need to know to prod their doctors to get them tested for sleep apnea. Overcoming the sleep apnea not only will greatly reduce their risk for the development of these other diseases, it will probably cure their gout too, as it did for me.
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