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Fingernails separating from finger

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Hi... It's been almost 2 years since my last cycle. About a year ago I noticed that some of my fingernails were separating from the finger, in what they call the nail bed, some almost halfway down: in other words, there's more white area of the nail tip. Also, on the free white part, even on the ones that weren't separating, they were splitting along a crack that developed from side to side, and flaking off in layers.

Mainly I just want to know if this may be a reaction to menopause. My gynecologist said it wasn't, but maybe just not in her experience, or no one mentioned it to her. If it's menopause, I can stop trying things and just wait for my body to adjust if it will.

I've tried, for at least 3 weeks each: using moisturizing lotion daily, a strong corticosteroid cream a dermatologist prescribed, antifungal creams and ointments (I've been assured it's not fungus, but what the hey), coal tar cream, salicylate cream (last two in case it's psoriasis), with no result. I also tried various vitamins. The one thing seems to be helping with the cracking and peeling: I've been wearing a vinyl glove on one hand whenever I was handling water or chemicals, even in the shower, and the fingernails on that hand look healthier, although the separation from the nail bed is still the same. On both hands the separation from the nail bed hasn't gotten better or worse, in the many months (8?) since I first started measuring them to see if they were getting better/worse.

I had tons of blood tests and saw several doctors and had just a few things a little out of ordinary, none that the docs thought would cause the fingernail problems.
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replied February 23rd, 2010
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I am not sure if this is an aging problem or from too much finger nail polish remover, getting a manicure or the list goes on...Years ago I had this problem...I did a lot of research and found I was lacking some fat in my diet..Like mayo and butter...I changed it and it helped me...Later in life it acted up again...This time on both my husband and me...It was then that we started using Cetaphil heavy cream in a jar...We probably have four large jars in the house right now...We even use it on our our fingers and nails...In addition we use only a medical glove (for housework and anything dirty) that I order from a company that sells them wholesale...I will not use cheap gloves...Got the name of these from our doctor's nurse...Not cheap, but wonderful...These two things over a two year period have cured my husband of having his fingers split in the Winter and our nails really in good shape....I am sorry, but this is the only hint I can give you on this....Take care...

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