i was fingered a 5 days ago and it was my 4th time, the day after i was fine and then 2 days after every time i urinated it really stung and smelt burnt it doesn't smell anymore but stings so bad towards the end, i just want to stop urinating and 3 times ive urinated there was blood on the toilet paper but none on my undies and im not close to my period it also feels like i need to pee a lot and when i do not much comes out i heard it could be a sti and thats caused if the boys fingers were dirty but they weren't he showered just before it, someone help me
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replied August 3rd, 2013
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It sounds like you have a UTI. Sexual activity can increase your chances of getting an UTI because things are rubbing over your pee hole, but it is not really related.

Please tell your mom or guardian so that you can see your doctor and get treated. An UTI should not be left untreated.

Drinking lots of water and cranberry juice can relieve the bad symptoms temporarily until you get treated.

Take care!
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