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Finger is red and swollen near fingernail?

Hi, my finger is swollen and red, right where the finger nail meets the skin, there is a small bit of cut skin, and around the area is red and swollen, its near the back/bottom of the fingernail and is sore to touch. What could it be?
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replied October 24th, 2012
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You have what is called a paronychia. This is a soft tissue infection just at the edge of the nail complex. Sometimes, a small amount of purulent material will drain out of the lateral nail fold.

Most of the time, the body will take care of the slight skin injection. You should wash the area thoroughly with soap and water. And, then keep the finger clean and dry.

If the redness, warmth, discomfort continues or gets worse, then you may need to see your physician. Sometimes a short course of antibiotics is needed. On rare occasion, if nothing else works, the nail plate has to be removed so that the any collection of pus under the nail can be drained.

But, again, usually the body will take care of the infection. Just keep the area clean and dry.

Good luck.
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