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Finger clicking

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My boyfriend has an issue with one of his fingers on his left hand. When he bends it it makes a "clicking" sound. He has been to a doctor who said it is probably Trigger Finger but I do not believe it is. Is doesn't hurt... It just clicks all day, constantly when he bends it.. Like its out of its joint or something. He thinks it happened after he got electrically shocked one day.. Do you know what this is? How can he treat this?


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First Helper rainjude71

replied July 23rd, 2013
Hi Naomi, I have the same problem with one of my fingers on my right hand. When I bend the fingers or relax the whole hand it makes a clicking sound. I can't feel it when it does this so I don't believe its a muscle or joint issue. You mentioned your boyfriend was electrocuted one time. I was severely electrocuted when I was a child from wall socket. If you find out the cause please post.
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