I HAVE A QUESTION. I am married to the elderly mother's son and my husband has two older sisters. She lived with us for 7 years until I found out a few things (one being she didn't like me or my children) & second because she had very nasty habits. She now lives alone & this is so extremely dangerous. She is now in elderly stages of forgetfulness, urinating on herself & other things. This woman needs help & both of her daughters arent' stepping up to find her a place to stay & both won't let mother stay with them. Both daughter's have houses & no children & we have 3 children but they keep placing the responsibility on my husband & I. Where do I look to help my husband find his mother housing?
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replied July 23rd, 2009
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Wow, sounds like your husband's sisters are full of self-centeredness. I'd suggest that you start talk with the Department of Health and Human Service's Administration on Aging:


You can find local programs, benefits and contact who can help you further. Be sure to search the whole site thoroughly, and call them with your questions. I hope that this helps!

Eldercare Locator : (800) 677-1116
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Aging: (202) 401-4634
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