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fibula fracture due to knee dislocation

Curious to know if anyone else ever experienced this ... I've been googling and haven't found anyone else.
Fracture 2/12/14. Full leg cast off 3/21/14. Had maisonneuve fracture symptoms foot/ankle but no fracture there - only proximal fibula fracture.
Now I can't bend knee to even 45 and foot pain/swelling still present - though initially I couldn't dorsiflex at all. Trying to understand mechanism of my injury and how hard I can push to be ready for tibial patella realignment surgery asap. Understand its about 3 month recovery and already been out of work almost 6 weeks. I'm a nurse used to working 12 hour shifts 48-60 hours a week so I'm ready to do whatever I can.
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replied March 27th, 2014
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Catrn - unfortunately you can’t push an injury like this to heal. Believe me I’ve tried and paid for it. At least with the fibula it is a non-weight bearing bone, so you will be able to bear weight sooner than if it were the tibia. Because your leg was in the cast for 6 weeks, you weren’t able to stretch, it essentially froze, and to top it off, you also dislocated your knee.

I know while in the hospital, and only 4 days after my accident, I had a physical therapist come in to work with my leg. My knee and ankle were completely frozen. I asked her “why,” and she stated “you haven’t used it.” I couldn’t believe in such a short amount of time; not bending the leg, or placing ANY weight how quickly it can become unusable.

If there is pain and swelling, your body is telling you to ice and elevate (I’m sure you know that being a nurse =-) ) Ten months after my accident, my leg still swells and occasionally turns color. This is my hint to ice and elevate and take it easy!

I hope things heal quickly, and you get were you need to be! =-)
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