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Fibula bone larger

My first post but i'll get to the point!

I injured my ankle 2 months ago. Its healing okay I guess, I can walk on it.

What is really confusing is that my left ankle on the outside, I believe it is called fibula bone is much larger now visually and it feels larger than my right foot same area.

No matter what angle or flex I look at it is noticeably larger in size. I do have a smoldering pain that during the day kinda goes away, and with occasional hard step I feel some pain, but at night I feel it more.

I have lived with this ankle for nearly 30 years and I GUARANTEE it was NOT ever out of symmetry with my right like it is now.

Almost all swelling is gone but pain remains. My tendons hurt on the inside a little but that slow warm glowing throbbing pain from deep within is present and not really going away. I can tell the difference between tendons and deep in the core pain.

Is this something to be concerned about. The bone on the left ankle doesn't feel rough or textured anymore than the right but it is larger. Not that way a few months ago. I am not scared or worried however I am concerned that I need to let my doc know but I do not even know how to begin to tell her about this. I don't want her to think I am being paranoid and self diagnosing yours truly.

I have read the symptoms of bone cancer on various sites. I have been injured for about 2 months. I haven't really been able to workout much. I haven't changed my diet any and I lost about 4-5 lbs in the last month or 2. I don't have shortness of breath probably because I have ran 15-20 miles a week for 2 years now, kinda what injured me in the forest.

No headaches or anything. I have a horrible time falling asleep at night and when I do fall asleep on occasion I wake up with a sore foot, once again that deep throbbing pain. But it isn't bad or anything just kinda there.

My friend told me I need to wait till I am fully healed from my ankle injury but Im concerned that it might be too late. I have no idea what or who to ask about this or if its nothing.
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replied May 15th, 2010
No one knows
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replied October 25th, 2010
I too, have a fibula that is no longer symmetrical. Mine is at the top though at the knee. On my right leg the fibula is protruding like a tennis ball and is so large the tendon attached to it is constantly under tension and sticks out too. This happened within the past month with no injury. I was seeing an ortho for my left knee which has bone changes and knots growing and twisting up the patella tendon. All of it is painful, all comes in waves that range from a dull throb to a deep ache that makes me want to cut off my legs to be done with it.
Due to my age, however, my ortho has written off all my complaints and the growths despite their visible changing. Areyou young? I am 29. I am suffering from other systems that are being written off as well due to age.
I do not know what you have with any certainty but-and this is not to scare you-a family friend of ours recently passed from metastasized lung cancer. It had stayed in his lungs for years apparently and spread to just his left knee. When he broke that knee, however, it was on. It went to his wrists, his spine and his brain and he died within a year of dx.
Point is, don't just let drs write you off because it had been injured although yes, injury can change bones. I was taking my kiss off as gospel but am no longer. Things don't get worse, things do not continue to change just for the fun of it, especially bones. Something is behind it whether it be disease, cancer, lifestyle and dont take anything for an answer if they can't satisfy your suicions.
I am trying to find a new doctor at the moment and will keep you informed if you like.

Good luck.
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