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Fibromyalgia Treatment

Fibromyalgia Treatment
Causes and Risk Factors

Fibromyalgia treatment
While no cure for fibromyalgia is available, the condition can be managed with the aid of your doctor.  Treatment aims to decrease symptoms, and increase general health. Because no definite cause can be determined, your doctor might recommend more than one treatment option to help alleviate the painful symptoms of fibromyalgia. Keep in mind, however, that many different approaches may be attempted before you find the treatment option that is appropriate for you.    

Fibromyalgia is a difficult syndrome to diagnose, and may involve different types of treatment.  Because of this, clear communication with your doctor is important.  It may also be useful to seek help from counselling or support groups with those who are familiar with your illness.  Their support may aid you not only in understanding this illness better, but also in providing emotional support.

Alternative treatments
Acupuncture, massage therapy, and chiropractic care have helped some people manage symptoms of fibromyalgia.  Currently, these therapies have not been scientifically researched in order to determine medical effectiveness.

Adequate rest, regular exercise, healthy foods, decreasing stress, physical therapy, and counselling may all help you manage fibromyalgia.

Support groups
It may help you to better cope with fibromyalgia by talking with others. The Arthritis Foundation, American Chronic Pain Association, and other national organizations can help connect you with other people or groups of people diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  Receiving a diagnosis and managing a complex array of symptoms can be frustrating and you don't need to be alone.

Prescription and non-prescription drugs may be recommended by your doctor in order to manage symptoms of fibromyalgia.  These include pain relievers, anti-seizure drugs (which decrease some types of pain), NSAIDs (for example, aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.), and anti-depressants to help with both sleep disorders and psychological concerns. Additionally, the first drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration to help with fibromyalgia is pregabalin (Lyrica).   

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