wave I am a Massage Therapist and have a 43 yr old lady with pain all through her body. The muscles are very inflamed and she hurts terribly. (Everywhere on her body.)I thought she may have fibro, alot of symtoms, but no outstanding points on the body. The neck is starting to protrude alittle. Is there anything you can offer me to tell her to get checked? WE would appreciate all help. Dotti crystal
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replied May 8th, 2009
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Her diet needs to consist of anti-inflammatory foods. That is what fibro is: food allergies...begins in the digestive tract and moves throughout the body / cellular level.

Worked for me...and my therapist could barely touch me without me crying in pain...that is no more Smile

Another thing....I would not work on her until she finds out what truly is wrong with her...as massage could actually make her worse unless that therapist is trained to work on fibo patients...the term evades me at the moment....
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