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fibromyalgia/now it's polymyalgia?lupus, and Peripheral vascular

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pain,pain,pain, i am so tired of it. i just wanna die,sometimes,but have to,keep on for my kids. diagnosis after diagnosis, pain rx after pain rx, and i'm just getting worse and worse. does anyone out there know of an experimental treatment center for all of this around INDIANA??? PLEASE HELP ME????!!!!
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replied January 22nd, 2012
Hi - As a sufferer of FMS and fatigue for so many years I can't count, I can totally feel your misery. I have literally suffered in bed for years at a time out of my life. in my research, I found that there are Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers that do all of the testing and give you help. I looked for one to go to as close to home as possible - didn't get in for an appt - needed to give them more time. It is not covered by medical insurance (a disgrace) but if you get fed up with your rheumatologist and the ten other morons who tell you your 'stressed' or need a psych might just be worth it.
One tip: I am now on Lyrica for 4 years. I tried it twice before I felt it was working so don't give up on a medication. The crazy part is that thee third time I tried Cymbalta, it started helping me. It doesn't stop the set-backs or flare-ups that occut after a bodily insult. So much to resarch when you feel like crap. Blessings for pain free days, Heyred
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