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Fiancée broke-u and might be pregnant...what to do

My Fiancée told me yesterday he wanted to take a break. And we are engaged living together. I caught him telling other girls that he is single and giving out his phone number and I know that he has 4 of them in his phone. He wants to call it quits and I don't know whether or not i'm pregnant. He said if I was it might help improve the situation but then again he don't want another kid by another girl. I love him very much and it really hard to find someone who is going through or at least has an idea what I am going through Who I can talk too. You don't know what to do you fell completely hopeless and don't want anyone in the family to know whats going on. If you find away through this let me know. I need some sorta hope to look forward to. He says he still loves me and will help me get back on my feet but I just cant let him go, just wanted him to give us a chance. A honest full chance to make our relationship work so he don't tear away everything that i care so much about, him, his family and his kids.they are my life. We live together and its really going to hurt me when he starts going on dates with other women. But part of him don't want to let me go. And I don't want to let him go at all what should i do?
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