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feverish and exhausted, Stomach hurts on and off

Here is what has been happening.

Thursday: morning was fine, soon after lunch, bam, I feel feverish and exhausted. Went home, had fever, had chills, drank some water, ate my dinner, took some acetaminophen and went to sleep.

Friday: woke up with some grogginess, aches, and lethargy but better than Thursday. Went about my daily chores. Friday afternoon: stomach pains, on and off. Evening comes and I would sit on the toilet for ten minutes rocking back and forth in pain (pain scale around 4 out of 10) and then it will be fine. 10-20 minutes later, pain will come again, off and on. I went to sleep.

Saturday: felt a lot better than Thursday or Friday, no fever, no aches, still have some stomach pains off and on. My diet hasn't really changed....

No vomiting or diarrhea, some nausea associated with stomach pain and feel like I'm full all the time but I still eat my meals when I usually do. Stool seems normal but a lot less than there used to be plus I have to strain to get it to come out. Any ideas what might be causing this?
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