I am really really sick off this now!!

I had a virus last year in my throat i had a temp ov 40 oC and was ill with this for about 2weeks.
The first time i went out after it i was on the bus n i just went dead hot and sweaty. My head still felt funny off the virus but i thought nothing off it.
Sinse then ave also had problems with my ears nose and throat.
I get werid head sensastion everyday. Pressue at the front of my head like a dull ache. It feels like my heads full, sometimes my face twitchs and i feel like i need to close my eyes.
I feel like am coming down with something everyday. I also feel like sometimes am stood back from everything.
I always feel hot and my temp has been going quiet high a few times for an hour or so and then back to normal.
Its been over a year now. I have been to the doctors endless amounts off times. Blood tests and An ECG. Thier wont give me a head scan.

Am really worried about my head. I really do think thier is something rong but the doctors disagree. I carnt lead a normal life anymore as it gets in my way! Sad

What do you think! ?
Any idea's or advice please
am 17
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replied May 26th, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
I agree with you that you need a CT scan of the head. Find a new doctor. Perhaps a neurologist.
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