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Fever and Gout

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Have any of you guys had fever with your Gout attacks?

The last 2 nights i've had a high fever (Max was 39.4 degress centigrade) with chills the sametime my gout attack has been very very painful and really gone for it. Daytimes when the gout attack hasn't been so bad, the fever has dropped to a normal amount. Have been taking ibuprofen but still in pain (3 days) as you guys will no doubt appreciate! Smile Last bout was 2 years ago so I have been a little luck there I guess.

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First Helper mtmoore

replied December 2nd, 2010
Yep I have had a fever with Gout attacks as well as chills. I am experiencing it right now and it is terrible.
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replied December 2nd, 2010
Experienced User
Hi 101212,

Hope you are getting better.

Septic arthritis is a potentially life-threatening disease. It's caused by infection in the blood and has similar symptoms as in gout attack. If you have high fever and chills in addition to sever joint pain, it would be prudent to have a a blood test right away to find out if it's sepsis. If it's sepsis, you need the treatment promptly.

You can google "septic arthritis" for more info.

Take care.
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