My girlfriend and I have never had sex. She is, in fact, a virgin. A week ago, my penis came into contact with her inner labia while it had pre-ejaculate on it. This happened a day after her menstrual bleeding had ended. 1. Is this time frame in her menstrual cycle a very fertile one? 2. Is it possible that she could become pregnant in this way? What are the odds of all this? I'll be honest, she and I are worried sick about this and we are just trying to handle it in the most mature way we can. Thank You so much for any light you may be able to shed.
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replied January 10th, 2010
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Draper, The chances are extremely extremely slim. The odds are somewhere between miracle and impossible that this could get her pregnant.

If she keeps on stressing like this, it will cause her next menstruation to be delayed that will cause her even more stress. So be ready for a very stressed out girlfriend.

However, you should not let your penis touch her vulva without a condom. Even with the best intentions, things can get out of control quickly.

Please please please be more careful!
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